Vacancy for the post of CEO

An exciting opportunity at Al Maha Petroleum Products Marketing Company SAOG

We are looking to recruit a qualified professional for the position of Chief Executive officer.

Name of the position : Chief Executive Officer

Reports to : Board of Directors

Reported by :

  • Head of Department - Legal and Contracts
  • Head of Department - Finance
  • Head of Function - Corporate Services
  • Head of Function - Sales, Marketing & Business Development
  • Head of Function - Technical Services
  • CEO Office
  • Head of Function - Strategic Planning & Risk Management.
  • Head of Function - QHSE

Purpose of the Job (Overall accountability)

Provide vision and leadership necessary to enhance the competitive position, growth and profitability of the company. Monitor performance of the management team and ensure fulfilment of the company's vision, mission, strategy, policies, plans and programs commensurate with the interest of all stakeholders.

Principal responsibilities:

KRA I.Provide vision and strategic direction to the company's operations

I.01 Present the relevant portions of current business performance to stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers) in planned forums

I.02 Understand the interests of the stakeholders through planned meetings, forums and discussions

I.03 Working with the Senior Management devise the strategic direction and overall business plan for the company in the long term and the immediate year

I.04 Obtain proposed business plan and budgetary requirements from Senior Management

I.05 Finalize budgetary requirements

I.06 Recommend plan to Board of Directors for approval

I.07 On approval, communicate plan to all stakeholders

KRA II.Manage key business drivers

II.01 Maintain direct control of Customer Service function and Review Service levels and steps taken to improve level and consistency of customer service.

II.02 Review and approve the marketing strategy

II.03 Control product pricing

II.04 Review staffing and skills

II.05 Establish parameters for working capital and assets' utilization and review the same regularly

KRA III.Monitoring and review of the performance of the company, course-correct if required

III.01 Periodically review the achievement of business plans across the various areas e.g. marketing, new projects and expansion, Financials, HR and staffing, succession planning etc.

III.02 Identify areas needing improvement and/or follow-up. Utilize inputs from:

(a) The departments directly

(b) Indirect sources, like Customer Service.

III.03 Rework plans and course-correct relevant strategy / execution (e.g. rework Marketing strategy or Marketing execution, whichever is found wanting) if required

III.04 Obtain Board approval for any significant deviations from basic business plan

KRA IV.Represent the company in all external matters and forums

IV.01 Remain the highest authorized signatory for the company, on continued approval from the Board

IV.02 Ensure that the company and its business complies with requisite government laws and regulations

IV.03 Formally finalize all contracts and agreements entered into by the company

IV.04 Ensure that the company's image in the public and corporate sphere is maintained as desired

IV.05 Represent the company or appoint an authorized representative for all external meetings, conferences and other regular industry forums

IV.06 Ensure all inputs from Customer Service are regularly reviewed and form inputs towards evaluating success of business strategy and plan

KRA V.Maintain overall responsibility for the HR development and management of employees

V.01 Regularly evaluate the sufficiency and effectiveness of staff in terms of:

(a) Numbers

(b) Roles

(c) Skills

V.02 Regularly evaluate cost competitiveness of the company staff

V.03 Ensure continuous development of employee capability to keep up with a developing business and changing market demands

V.04 Hold the final authority on determination of any employee's performance, progress and placement in the company

KRA VI.Maintain overall responsibility and control over the rights and duties of employees under the employment contract

VI.01 Hold the final authority on determination of employee's entitlements and duties within the ambit of employment with the company

VI.02 Consider, authorize and approve employee entitlements on a general and case-by-case (where relevant) basis

VI.03 Hold the final authority over any disciplinary process or handling of employee grievances within the company.

Key Requirements

Candidate should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • A proven track record of success in leading, developing business organization as a CEO or top management position.
  • Possess a broad understanding of control pricing, service cost, financial budgeting and planning experience.
  • In-depth knowledge of corporate governance, organizational effectiveness and sufficient understanding of legal environment.
  • Excellent communication and public speaking skills. Preferred to be in both Arabic and English languages.
  • Familiarity with petroleum marketing business and its related functions such as HSE, Sales, Operations,
  • Finance and Risk management.

Candidates should have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Master degree in engineering and / or business administration or relevant field followed by 10 years of experience in a senior management position. or
  • Bachelor degree in engineering and / or business administration or relevant field followed by 15 years of experience in a senior management position.

Application Process: If you believe you have the requisite skill-set and personal attributes to succeed in this demanding role, please send, a detailed  resume, to: The deadline of submission is 27th February 2019.